Tizo2-Non-Tinted Primer/Sunscreen SPF40

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Say hello to TiZO, the sunscreen that’s tailored to meet the unique needs of extra-sensitive skin. Our formula is truly one of a kind, featuring the top-rated sunscreen filter, zinc oxide.

What makes TiZO stand out? Well, it not only provides excellent protection, but it also offers a delightful experience. When you apply TiZO for ultra-sensitive skin, you’ll notice a soft, silky, and elegant texture that effortlessly and swiftly absorbs into your skin.

We understand that sensitive skin requires special care, and that’s exactly what TiZO delivers. With our mineral sunscreen, you can embrace superior sun protection while enjoying a luxurious, comfortable feel. Don’t compromise on your skin’s well-being – choose TiZO for a new level of sun care tailored to your needs.